qilong valve certficate

Ball Valves

Equipped with 277 processing and testing equipments,the production capacity of QILONG can reach size 56 inch ball valve at 900LB class with different material such carbon steel and stainless steel and special material.there are 30% engineers and technicians in total workers.mainly produce metal sealed wearproof ball valve,metal sealed wearproof three-way and four-way ball valve,metal sealed V Type ball valve,low temperature ball valve,fully-welded ball valve,top entry ball valve,wafter type jacketed ball valve,orbit ball valve etc,which are designed according to standard ANSI/API,JIS,DIN,BS,NF,CHINESE GB.Our valve are widely used in the field of petroleum,chemical,metallurgical,power,fuel gas,city pipeline networks with high content of technology,reliable quality,competitive price and perfect service,our products have gained highly praise from all of the customers,and satisfy all kinds of operating demand.

Floating Ball Valve

Qilong floating valves such as floating casting ball valve and floating forged ball valve are widely used in pipeline controlling system such as flow rate control, liquid position control and temperature control system for achieving conventional on-off, emergency shut off and quick closing function to control the working flow. The leakage rate of the soft seated and metal seated control valves can reach rate VI or zero leakage. Top flange is designed per ISO5211 for easy amount various type of actuator.

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

trunnion mounted ball valves are designed in accordance with API6D or Customers Special Requested,Offering 2pc or 3pc body split construction side entry type. Including Soft Seated & Metal Seated according the medium and temperature,Choose and design suitable sealing material to customers,such valve can be used in working temperature range -196℃~ 500℃. Trunnion Mounted are optional designed with Double block and bleed or double piston type. Ball valves are equipped with sealant injection system for both stem and seats to allow external intervention to prevent seat or stem leakage with Gear Operator and Pneumatic Actuator and Electrical Actuator.All Trunnion mounted ball valves is fire safe test certified by DNV Register per API607 and API6FA,With Gear Operator and Pneumatic Actuator and Electrical Actuator.

Top Entry Ball Valve

developed an advanced design of the top entry ball valves in a complete wide range of diameters and pressure classes. Top entry valves are the perfect choice when on line maintenance is required.It is possible to remove the bonnet of the Top entry valve allowing free access to the body cavity without dismantling the valve from the line. A set of special maintenance tools permits to take out both ball and seat-rings; this maintenance operation requires very little space around the valve, thus allowing it in areas where space is a limiting factor.

Fully Welded Ball Valve

One of the most trusted valves in the petroleum industry, the Qilong fully welded ball valve combines the strength of forged steel components with a lightweight and compact spherical design.The distinctive design of the Qilong fully welded ball valve gives it maximum strength at minimum weight as well as maximum resistance both to pipeline pressures and stresses. The compact, spherical design also eliminates body flanges, thus reducing overall size and potential leak paths

3 Way Ball Valve

3-way ball valves are used for dividing or mixing fluids and other special working media.including Full Bore and Reduced Bore 3-Way, 2-Seats, “L” Port Available with soft seats or metal seats. Each offers a range of performance suitable to many applications also 3-Way Top Entry, 4-Seats, “L” Port and “T” Port Used for diverting or mixing fluids. The 4-seat design offers additional port arrangements. A greater Cv value is achieved in most sizes. Media trapped in the valve cavity is reduced substantially with additional seats.The special 3-Way, 4-Seats, “L” Port and “T” Port used for diverting or mixing fluids. The 4-seat design offers additional port arrangements. A greater Cv value is achieved in most sizes. Media trapped in the valve cavity is reduced substantially with additional seats.

Orbit Ball Valve

Orbit type rising stem ball valve’s unique tilt-and-turn design, which is mainly used in pipeline and industry system and it has a top entry and on line maintenance function. Qilong Orbit ball valve continues to be a valve of choice.It has a lot of advantages,such as small fluid resistance,simple structure,small volume,light weight,reliable sealing,convenience for operation and maintenance,open and close quickly,as well as start and close flexibly. This legacy of innovation is present throughout the brand’s history, beginning in the industry.