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Floating Ball Valve

Valve Range

forged steel floating ball valveSize : 1/2”~10”(DN15~DN250)

Rating : 150~300LB(PN16~PN40)

Body Materials : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Steel

Trim : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel

End Connection :RF,BW 

Qilong floating ball valve contains: one-piece uni-body design, two-piece split body design, and forged steel split body design. All designed conform to BS 5351 and fire safe test are satisfied to BS 6755 and API 607. The Soft Seal & Metal,Soft Sealing material including PTFE,R-PTFE PPL,PEEK,DEVLON & NYLON ETC,Metal Sealing according the medium and temperature,Qilong Choose and design suitable sealing material to customers, Wide range of body and trim material is available for service working temperature from -196℃ to 500℃ ,size from 1/2 to10 and pressure rating from ANSI class 150 to 1500 or for sour service to NACE MR0175 is also available upon request.

forged steel floating ball valve dwgQilong Cast steel floating ball valves are designed in accordance with ISO17292 featuring 2 pc split body side entry or uni-body. This series of valves are usually used in service of low pressure (150~600LB) and wide temperature range (-196℃~ 500℃).

Qilong Forged steel floating ball valve, we make bolted bonnet, two piece or three piece body design, floating ball, blowout proof stem, fire safe and anti-static, ENP carbon steel or stainless steel ball and trim.

Floating Ball Valve Design Feature

A new generation of ball valves with fugitive emission control and ISO mounting pad and full range of cast steel floating ball valves is fire safe test certified by DNV Register per API607 and API 6FA.

cast steel floating ball valveSuperior valve design at a competitive price.

  • Fugitive emissions control for flammable and non-flammable applications.
  • Machined ISO actuator mounting pad.
  • Pure white E-seat (PTFE / PFA copolymer) seal relieves concern over product contamination.
  • Positive alignment of split body.
  • Fire test certified to API 607 5th edition.cast steel floating ball valve dwg
  • Reinforced PTFE bearing and packing rings reduce wear.
  • Lower operating torque for ease of operation and reduced actuator cost.
  • Positive position indication.
  • Blowout-proof stem.
  • NACE MR-01-75 is available.
  • Locking device is available.
  • Static electricity grounding device.
  • Various seat types are available.

 floating ball valve In addition to standard E-seat, various seats are available in following variety. Each seat option will meet a wide range of performance, suitable for many applications.