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3 Way Ball Valve

Valve Range

3 way ball valveSize : 1/2”~10”(DN15~DN250)

Rating : 150~300LB(PN16~PN40)

Body Materials : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Steel

Trim : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel

End Connection :RF,BW 

Mixing Vs. Diverting

Illustrated to the right are the three normal operating positions for a three-way valve. Qilong's 3-way valve has only two (2) seats as illustrated and as such has limitations for use in both diverter and mixing valve applications. As can be seen from this illustration, there is no off position for port “C”. Ports “A” and “B” cannot be off at the same time.

Qilong's 3 Way Ball Valve as a Mixing Valve

When ports “A” and “B” are the inlets, and port “C” is the outlet, the valve becomes a mixing valve. With minor variations in position 2 the percentage of components at “A” and “B” can be varied to the outlet “C”. This has been successfully applied to hydronic systems. It may not be possible to isolate the ports from one another in any position. If the valve is in position 1, and the pressure at port “B” is significantly higher than port “A”, the ball may be forced off the seat allowing mixing from all ports. Whether or not this is a problem depends on the application and its sensitivity to unwanted mixing.

3 Way Ball Valve as a Diverter Valve

3 way ball valveWhen port “C” is the inlet, and ports “A” and “B” are the outlets, the valve is a diverter valve. With port “C” as the inlet, flow is diverted to either port “A” (position 1) or “B” (position 3). In position 2, inlet flow from “C” is split to “A” and “B”. Just as described above, it may not be possible to isolate any one port from the other two. That condition is most likely to occur in mixing applications. That is why the valve tends to be promoted as a diverter valve rather than a mixing valve.

 Features & Benefits:

3 way ball valve dwgQilong 3 way ball valve replaces several 2 way valves, saving valuable space and simplifying piping.Designed for zero leakage with standard E-seat.Pure white E-seat seal helps relieve concern over product contamination.Suitable for high temperature applications when equipped with exclusive Gratite® seat.Positive alignment of body.Blow-out proof stem.More than 50% of stem length is supported by bushing and valve body.Packing acts as seal instead of stem support, minimizing stem leaks.Stainless steel static grounding device.Sphericity tolerance of the balls, ± 0.0008", and a 4 RMS surface finish are unsurpassed.Reinforced PTFE bearing and packing rings help reduce friction.Two-seat design has lower operating torque, easing operation and reducing actuator cost.Automatic cavity pressure relief.Positive position indication.Meets NACE MR01.75 for sulfide cracking resistance.Locking device capable