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Knife Gate Valve

knife gate valve

Prouduct Range

Design Standard: MSS SP-80,DIN EN12266-1

Test: API 598

Products Range

Size: 2" ~ 40"

Rating: ANSI 150lb ~ 300lb

Body Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Steel

Trim: Per API 600

Operation: Handwheel, Gear, Motor, Pneumatic, Hydraulic

Design Feautres

Knife gate valve closely contacts with the seat , Principle is that there is a diameter size of circular port in the gate ,opening and closing gate makes circular port takes off and consistent action with diameter .

The advantages of this valve are: body's diameter without grooves, the medium does not plug the card blocking, full-diameter flow characteristics, suitable for powder using in the pipeline. The sealing structure can be divided into soft-seal and hard seal structure. Penetrable Knife Gate Valve is a sophisticated structure, good technology, compact structure, etc, activities of structural design of sealing seat, anti-wear and automatic compensation function and long age. Gate keeps closely movement with gate when opening and closing, makes valve open and close stability and cuts off the media, and so on. According to client's requirements, it can be equipped solenoid, limit switch, filter, etc,

Main features:

Integrated load distribution ring; prevents over compression

Universal tower design; free interchangeability between actuators

One piece body with lockout pins; strong construction without the need for sealing